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Valentine's Day: The view from a florist's perspective


It's one of the busiest weeks for florists, they have worked non-stop since Monday, all in effort to give you the perfect bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day.

Ordering, shipping, and processing are just a few steps in getting flowers ready for Valentine's Day.

"It all happens in a matter of two or three days, it's just craziness," says Michele Gibson, the owner of Michele's Flowers by Ela.

Each flower has to be cut to keep it fresh, and then they are placed in a cooler where they stay until they are ready to be arranged by a designer.

"We have to buckle down and cut them, get them in the water, get them in the cooler and so that is work," says designer Isaac Bridges.

Gibson says this year has already had an increase of orders over last year.

"This is in the middle of the week, so it's a great day. A lot of times if Valentine's Day is on the weekend or on a Monday, they've taken a weekend trip instead," says Gibson.

Gibson says unlike the pictures of the arrangements online, it's a good thing if your flowers aren't fully bloomed upon arrival.

"When you get your flowers, and they're fresh flowers, you do want your flowers to be a little more closed up, because they will last longer. You will see the whole process; you will see the flower unfold and you'll see it from beginning to end," says Gibson.

Michele said with just four workers, they will create up to 500 arrangements for Valentine's Day!

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