Computer Crime

If you think you'll never be caught when using a fake identity and a stolen credit card online, think again. Specialized detectives are trained on just how to find you.

Detective Otis Almond with the Lufkin Police Department says "If the company at the other end captures the ip address, basically an ip address which we can track back to an isp or Internet service provider and from there back to a home or a business."

From there you're busted. Because after they find out where the computer is, they get a warrant and confiscate it. Then these high tech detectives copy the hard drive, and look through the copy to find out everything you've done on it.

Detective Almond says he's worked on cases involving identity theft but it's not the most common. The most common one is child pornography.

While you may think that smaller East Texas Police Departments don't have the equipment or the training to track down these criminals, you might be surprised. Because Detective Almond trained right alongside those who work in larger cities. They can handle almost everything here that any other computer forensic lab can.

Before you think about logging on and doing something illegal, you should know that these cyber detectives are out there and will eventually catch you.