Dog Bite Followup

The fate of a pit bull is still unknown tonight after another alleged dog attack in East Texas this week. The alleged attack has left one child with severe injuries, and a mother worried about the safety of the other neighborhood children.

As the East Texas News first told you last night, Sharon Turner says her 9-year-old son, Daniel, went to a friend's house in Broaddus on Thursday to pick something up. While talking to Laura Graham at the front door, their pit bull charged at Daniel, biting and ripping his upper lip until it hung down to his chin. After getting the dog away, they took Daniel to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Sheriff's officials say the dog is now in quarantine at the house, but Sharon says she still fears for the safety of neighborhood children.

"The other kids in the neighborhood, I mean if it could do this to my son, the next child may not be as lucky as my son. They may be having a funeral instead of having the surgery done to their face," said Sharon Turner, Daniel's mother.

Sharon also says this isn't the first time the dog has attacked people in the neighborhood. She says she knows of at least three other attacks and says her family will sue Laura Graham, the owner of the dog.

The East Texas News spoke with San Augustine Sheriff John Cartwright and he says the dog will remain in quarantine for 10 days. After the final report is completed, Sheriff Cartwright says it will be up to the County Judge to decide the fate of Graham's dog.