East Texans describe life on crippled cruise

From left: Tina Davis, Esther Burns, Chrystal Medley, Karen McGarrett, Malena Rikard
From left: Tina Davis, Esther Burns, Chrystal Medley, Karen McGarrett, Malena Rikard

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texans are on the way back to Lufkin and Nacogdoches from Mobile, Ala., after getting off the crippled Triumph cruise Thursday night.

"They were long and uncomfortable," said Tina Davis.

Davis and Malena Rikard were on the cruise with three other women, who attend church at Calvary Baptist.

"We were all sleeping and it was about 5:30 when we heard the first alert," Davis said. "There were five of us in the room. We were concerned. Just a little while later they said there had been a small fire. The lights went out and all we could do was sit there a and wait. That's when the plumbing went out as well."

Davis and Rikard began living on deck three, where they slept outside until the ship arrived in Mobile Thursday night.

"It was the quietest and coolest when it's warm and there was less drama there," Davis said. "We picked a spot and claimed it and it was ours. We ate in shifts and held the spots for each other and had a buddy system."

Allie McKerregan and Rebekah Poret were on the crusie with their dad's as a father, daughter get away.

"We were really scared that that would happen and we would not see my mom again," said Poret.

And by the time the cruise ship docked the girls were only worried about seeing one person, her mom.

"I wanted to just drop everything but there was a lot of glass and stuff so I just ran up to her in her arms and I was trying to cry but I couldn't because I was so happy to see her," said McKerregan.

Bill Otteson was with the girl's group. Originally his daughter was suppose to go but a surgery on her foot kept her from making it.

Otteson says that it was not east dealing with the hardships but is open to going back out in the water.

"I think I will, at no time did we feel our life was threatened. We were mighty inconvienced but as far as thinking we were going to perish, we didn't think that," said Otteson.

But before these East Texans can plan their next trip, al they want to do right now is go home and get some much needed sleep.

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