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Nacogdoches cruise passengers reunited with family


What started as a four day girls trip transformed into a nightmare stranded at sea.

"We just wanted to get off that boat and it seemed like it took forever," said Esther Burns, Triumph Passenger.

Tina Davis, Esther Burns and Karen McGarrett were just a few of the thousands of people  who endured five days on the disabled Carnival Triumph cruise ship.

The women all attend Calvary Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, Friday night they returned to the church where they first met to embark on their vacation.

"We were expecting it to be a day, then two and oh no this wouldn't work and  \before you know it, its Thursday," said Karen McGarrett, Triumph Passenger.

The women said they enjoyed massages, formal nights and few shows while on the boat,

But in an instant an engine fire inside the lavish vessel shut off the power putting an end to the relaxing atmosphere and the ship's passengers in survival mode.

"We just grabbed our hands and we just lost it, we really did, we thought it was over and it was really scary," said Burns.

"It stank really bad from the sewage that had nowhere to go and the boat was listing so we were all kind of walking sideways," said McGarrett.

After such agonizing experience we asked if any of these women would ever embark on a cruise again."

"Definitely, my husband's already trying to get me to plan another one with him and his friends," said Tina Davis, Triumph Passenger.

"Its going to have to be like five years, give me time to get over it," said Burns.

"I figure that this has got to be worst it can be so it can only get better from here so I'll give it another try," said McGarrett.

 The women say the six hour tow to shore was a ride they'll never forget and sight of the Alabama shoreline was a vision of paradise.

"Everyone was hollering, we were like yay we can finally get off the boat," said McGarrett.

After over week on open water the women couldn't think of a safer place, on solid ground, in the arms of their loved ones.

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