Officials: people with outstanding warrants have 2 choices - easy or hard

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches and Lufkin Police Departments have more than 30,000 active warrants combined and officers will be out rounding up everyone they can find during the annual Great Texas Warrant Round Up through March 10.

"It's about clearing cases," Brian Smith, the Lufkin City Marshal, said. "We have a large amount of cases approximately 20-25,000 warrants, active warrants that we need to clear, and we're trying to clear as many as we can in this amount of time."

Nacogdoches warrant officer Darrel Trawick said people with outstanding warrants can get arrested and spend hours going through the jail booking process, or they can resolve the matter the easy way.

"If we could get these people just to come into the municipal court and talk to the judge and get the warrant removed, it would be a whole lot easier on them," Trawick said.

Trawick says if you have a warrant and you come by the municipal court on your own, you have options.

"There's community service. For those that are qualified, they can get a payment plan," Trawick said.

"If we have to go out and pick them up, then there's not that many options," Smith said.

Trawick said it is difficult to explain an extenuating situation to a police officer. He said if the officer finds out that a person has an outstanding warrant, he or she is going to jail.

With more than $3.5 million in outstanding fines Nacogdoches and $1 million in Lufkin, the warrant officers in those respective cities are urging those with outstanding warrants to take the easy route.

"They can go to the window," Trawick said. "They can talk to one of the clerks, and they can set up an appointment to see the judge if they've already plead on it. They can go ahead and set up a payment plan right then. There are several options."

Nacogdoches residents have the option of paying their fines online at and click on the link to the Municipal Court page. The Nacogdoches Municipal Court is located at 217 West Hospital Street.

Lufkin residents can clear up outstanding fines by visiting the City of Lufkin's Municipal Court Web site. They can also pay by mail by cashier's check or money order, or by paying in person at the Lufkin Municipal Court, which is located at 300 East Shepherd Ave with cash, money orders, or debit cards.

For more information on how to clear up any outstanding warrants, you can go to and click on the Big Red Box.

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