Hudson father looking for answers after boy let off bus alone

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - It was supposed to be a vacation to paradise, but it turned dreadful for a couple from Hudson.

On Jan. 7, while on a cruise to Mexico, Scott Pierce received a call that his four-year-old son Drake was not at the day care. Instead the bus dropped him off at his normal stop.

Three and a half hours later, he knocked on a neighbor's door, cold and wet.

"It was raining," Drake said. "And, and I was a little bit scared"

The thing that scared Pierce the most about Drake wondering around all alone, are the various dangers in the Copper Creek Subdivision.

The subdivision is expanding and has new homes being built with heavy machinery constantly on the move and is bordered by a thick wooded area and creek, a place that drake retreated to, possibly causing him to get sick.

"We got home Thursday," Pierce said. "He had a 102-degree fever. He had 103 on Friday. I had to take him to two different doctors."

On top of the fever, Pierce also says Drake developed a rash.

Drake would miss seven days of school and Pierce said Hudson ISD never reached out to make sure he was OK.

Hudson Police Chief Jimmy Casper said he is reviewing the case for possible criminal action and will forward it to the district attorney's office.

"We try our best to get the children were they need to be," said Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker. "It is a good policy. The last time anything happened like this was eight years ago."

A statement that Pierce believes is not good enough.

"I don't know how often it has happened, but for me one time is too many," Pierce said.

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