New recreational businesses popping up around Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Texas economy is booming and one of the areas seeing growth is recreation.

A new study by shows that 28.7 billion dollars is generated annually creating 277,000 jobs, and the city of Lufkin takes part.

Larry hunt will soon be opening his own recreation business. It will be an indoor sports training facility.

"With this sports facility coming in, you can see that Lufkin is growing," said Hunt.

Hunt believes his facility will only bring benefits to the community.

"We're just five minutes from the park, so kids can come in and do some batting practice before a game," said Hunt.

It's not surprising to city leaders that these businesses are starting to boom.

"Lufkin has really good infrastructure, and a council willing to work with anyone. What we see in my office is a lot of smaller businesses, we aren't seeing those big large box businesses," said Lufkin Planning Director Dorothy Wilson.

There are also plans for another recreational center to open.

Plans are still in preliminary stages but it would include bowling alley and other activities along with a restaurant opening in the Garden District Shopping Center.

City officials say these types of businesses fit perfectly with Lufkin.

"While the other cities that are larger than us are effected more by the trends economically, we're more of our own little community, we draw from the counties around us and we have a strong economy because we address the needs of the people in this area," said Wilson.

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