Lufkin to re-pave 24 streets

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Over the last week residents using Pershing Drive in Lufkin have had to deal with an uneven road and construction delays as part of the city's capital improvements intiative, and soon other residents in the city will be dealing with the same thing.

It is all part of the city's annual road improvement campaign. Every two years the city evaluates the streets and this year they have determined to repave 24 streets.

"We try to allocate the limited funding we have to do the most effective streets," said Lufkin Deputy City Manager Keith Wright.

Through all of Lufkin, the city will spend a total of over $667,000.

While some work has already begun, most of the work will take place in the summer, Wright says that residents will know when it is coming

"Vehicles being brought in, equipment being brought in, staging taking place would be the best indicator that something is about to happen," said Wright.

Wright also understands that it will be a problem for some but says it should only last a couple of days.

"Every type of improvement has a little bit of pain that comes with it. We would just ask for people to be patient," said Wright.

The improvements are needed to keep Lufkin moving in the right direction

"Infrastructure is an expensive thing to address but you have to address it each year and if you don't you get further behind," said Wright

Streets affected by the improvements are:

Ward 1:

Paul Avenue

Howe Avenue

Jackson Avenue

Rhodes Avenue

Andrews Avenue

Ward 2:

Clinton Drive

Circle Drive

Brady Street

Northwood Street

Hickory Street

Ward 3:

Willow Bend Drive

Willow Oak Drive

Shadywood Drive

Ward 4:

Ivy Terrace Street

Old Orchard Drive

Oak Hallow Street

Spyglass Drive

Susan Street

Ward 5:

Turtle Creek Drive

Parkway Plaza

Bendind Brook Circle

Ward 6:

Raguet Street

White Oak Drive

Marion Street

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