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Huntington fatal accident results in lawsuit two years later

April 2011 April 2011
April 2011 April 2011
David Harris David Harris

Some light is being shed on a fatal accident that happened nearly two years ago. On April 11, 2011, a Kia Forte landed in the Dairy Queen parking lot on Highway 69 in Huntington. Robin Chambers was driving the Kia when it collided nearly head-on with Billy Walters. Investigators on scene said Walter's came across the turn lane wrongfully.

Both drivers were rushed to the hospital after the accident and have since recovered from the injuries. The passenger of the Kia, Christine Allen from Pennsylvania, died on the scene.

David Harris, Allen Family lawyer, said, "Unfortunately, when Christine passed away she left a spouse Kevin Allen, who she had been married to a little over 20 years at the time of her death, and two children."

Her surviving beneficiaries are now looking for answers.

"They really were just wanting to investigate and see what happened on the day of the incident," Harris said.

The Allen family's attorney said his experts and Kia motors' experts have done an extensive investigation on the totaled car.

"What we do is we go back and look at the vehicle itself and see if there was anything within the vehicle that caused or contributed to the fatal injuries Christine received," Harris said.

The passenger side seat belt of the Kia Forte was taken apart and inspected after the accident.

Harris said, "We believe that there was fault on the way that the seatbelt that allowed her body to get out of condition and come into contact with either the steering wheel, or the dash board, or something in the vehicle that struck her and gave her a severe injury that later caused her death."

Harris said so far the case is still in the discovery phase. A trial date will be set for later this year in the suit between the Allen family, Kia Motors America Inc., and Billy Walters.

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