Now You See It: Weatherman passes out on stunt plane

Grant Denyer
Grant Denyer

(CNN) - When you're doing the weather out of a stunt plane pulling 8 G's, don't be surprised if the low pressure area is on the weatherman's brain.

So, guess who passed out, live on camera?

Weatherman Grant Denyer was doing the weather live from a stunt plane on Australia's "Sunrise Show." The host and the weatherman were all smiles, congratulating themselves that Grant hadn't gotten sick yet, or in their words - hadn't "spewed."

Denyer described himself as the crash test dummy of live television - the type who jumps through hoops. In an effort to make the weather crazy and fun, he wanted to experience "the force of 8 G's."

The weatherman urged the stunt pilot on. Even though the pilot told Denyer to "keep squeezing, keep squeezing," to keep blood flowing to his brain the weatherman passed out on live TV. His camera went to black as he blacked out.

Denyer was far from the first to have his eyes roll back in his head on live TV.  It happened to one of Glenn Beck's guests. It happens all the time at political rallies … timber! In Marie Osmond's case, instead of "Dancing," it was "Fainting With the Stars."

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