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It's Home Products Show(time)!


If you're thinking about sprucing up the old homestead, you might want to check out the 2013 Home Products Show before you swipe that debit card.

Wall-to-wall, well...walls...right now, but soon the walls will be filled with things you didn't know you couldn't live without until you saw them for the first time. Maybe here at the Home Products Show.They're showing off a smart fridge that won't overfill your glass, or leave you in the dark.

"New refrigeration with LED lighting inside, so when you pull the drawer out you have light everywhere," Wayne Trammell of Barrett Appliance and Home Products said.

"That would be really handy in the middle of the night," I commented.

"Or when you're trying to look for the mustard," Wayne added.

There's plenty of new lighting to help you see things like free-standing saunas, solar-powered doors, invisible fences (which, I guess, you can't see no matter how much light you have), and stuff to keep the bugs at bay.

"We do sell and install outdoor misting systems. The majority of our business is an outdoor residential barrier control. Trained applicators come and apply a solution to your outdoor living space," Nathan Crow with the Mosquito Authority said.

Nathan claims it's like a 21-day force field.

If you want to take complete control of your house from the palm of your hand, you can do it with a familiar-looking remote; yes we're talking about an iPhone.

"We do the smart-house for as little or as much as you want through our Crestron system. You can control it on your iPhone, iPad or other smart device. You can control anything you want. You can have music from your iPod. Then over here you have your menu. I can pull up Apple TV, I can look at my DVR where my camera would be. I have lighting control, I have shade control for motorized blinds, you got your thermostat control, check surveillance cameras, or you can turn the whole house on or off with the touch of a button, " Brandon Carpenter with Cross Systems Audio Visual said.

It seems like when you get your house just the way you like it, there's something new out there that you just have to have. So, the longer you wait the better the stuff gets. Personally, I think I'm nearly ready to replace my black and white television in the living room.

The show runs Friday 6-9 p.m., February 22, through Sunday, February 24 at the Harvey Convention Center. Tickets are $5 for adults and kids 12 and under are free. For more information, visit the Tyler Area Builders Association website.

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