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World Thinking Day: Girl Scout cookies go on sale!

Every year on February 22nd, Girl Scouts from nearly a 150 countries take time to give thanks for their international friendships.

They pick an annual theme that they focus their fundraising on and this year it's 'Together We Can Save Children's Lives'.

It's a theme that gives the girls a chance to take action on issues affecting children's lives in other countries. The theme is focused on reducing child mortality rates around the globe.

Girl scout cookies go on sale Friday, World Thinking Day.

"We are focused on reducing the child mortality all around the globe," says girl scout Ashton Wagner.

Through fundraiser and donations, local girl scouts like Emma Carter can contribute to help decrease child mortality.

"I think that the children that don't have money or their hungry that were just helping them to feel better," says Carter.

"American children are less likely to reach the age 50 than 40 other countries, so it's not just something that's in a far off country that the child mortality rate is lower but here even in the U.S. we have issues facing our own citizens," says girl scout leader Kakie McCracken.

McCracken says the girls learn so much more than just selling cookies. It builds their confidence, self-esteem, and improves their social conscience.

Keep an eye out when you go to your local retailers today, girl scout cookies go on sale Friday.    

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