Hudson family is hopeful other East Texans will join adoption, foster care

One Hudson family has been serving children in East Texas through foster care and adoption and are hoping their story will inspire others to open their hearts and homes to East Texas children in need.

Dwane and Dianna Richardson have housed a dozen foster children over the past three years.

"We have two adopted girls; one is 8 and one is 9. We have three foster, which is two, four and five. So, they're all kind of different ages," Dianna Richardson said.

For six years the Richardson's tried to have their own children. More than two years ago they met Brook and instantly knew they wanted to join a foster-to-adopt program with Buckner Children and Family Services in Lufkin. The Richardson's have also adopted Kylee.

"Getting them in as foster you never know which direction they're going to go," Dwane Richardson said.

The couple have been parents to children of all walks of life who have experienced varying hardships.

"When we get our kids in they come in just beat down. They come in with a totally different personality," Dianna Richardson said. "It's a miracle to see them blossom."

The Richardson's say with love and patience things get better for the child and parents.

"When you get to doing it, and start experiencing, and changing these children's lives, and being, even if it's just foster care, a safe place and environment for the child to resign while other events are changing in other people's lives, it's just a world of difference for that child," Dwane Richardson said.

Making a difference in children's lives is what it is all about for the Richardson's family. The family also adopts animals from the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter as the kids share a bond with them. They hope other East Texas families will open their hearts and homes to children in need.

"There are many kids right here in our town that need a loving home and we didn't know that at first. We got into it and thought we had to do foreign adoption and that's great, too. But there are children right here that need a home," Dianna Richardson said.

The Buckner Children and Family Services will host a free foster care and adoption information meeting at 5:30 p.m.. on Monday, February 25 at the Buckner office in Lufkin located at 3402 Daniel McCall Drive.

A Buckner representative will give an overview of foster care and adoption options in Texas, including foster-to-adopt, Waiting Texas Children and domestic infant adoption programs. International adoption options will also be discussed.  For information or a reservation to attend the meeting, please call Wendy McMillan at 936.637.3300 or email

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