Nacogdoches gun show draws 2,000 visitors over the weekend

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Current and future gun owners perused table-after-table of guns, weapons, tactical gear and ammunition, some adding to their current collection and others looking for their first gun.

Buy, sell or trade was the name of the game at the G&S Promotions gun show in Nacogdoches this Saturday & Sunday.

Gun show coordinator, Stephanie Ellis says 80 vendors packed their products on 200 tables and with more than 2,000 visitors through the doors, they're saying it was a big turnout.

Shelby County gun owner, Dennis M. Permenter says, "Business has gone in a boom, a big one."

Permenter is selling parts of his private collection. He says he used to own a gun store but has since retired from the business.

"Guns have gone up. Ammunition has gone up. Some guns people want you can't get," said Permenter.

Tom Powers of Arkansas Quarter Master says his tactical gear sales have doubled at this show.

"We would normally sell about 100 units of product: scopes, vests, bags," said Powers. "We've been seeing volumes around 200."

"It's been strange in that people are looking for ammunition, looking for weapons, with some concern about actions to be taken by the he government," said Powers.

Powers says he found something even more fascinating than increased sales…

"An interesting number of people who have never been to a gun show before and they want to see what all this hype is about. That's been an interesting series of conversations. One part of our society is saying gun shows are the base of all evil that exists. All the violence that exists in America is because of gun shows and people will come in a look around and say these people don't look all that dangerous. It's just trying to see what...reality is," said Powers.

But Molly Thacker is not one of them. She just received her concealed handgun license Saturday and is shopping for her first gun.

Thacker said, "There are a lot of strange things that happen and with the lady being my age and I'm by myself sometimes so I would just like to know that I can carry a handgun and be legal and just have that protection with me."

Thacker said she qualified using a glock but after shopping around, holding and feeling all different types of guns, she's thinking about going with a Ruger .22.

Several vendors say sales of all weapons were good during the show but did have lots of people interested in automatic and semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines.

If you missed the show in Nacogdoches, G&S Promotions will be back in the area at the Nacogdoches Civic Center June 29-30, 2013.

In the meantime, they will be setting up shows in Canton, TX (3/9-3/10), Center (3/23-3/24), Diboll (6/8-6/9) & Carthage (7/6-7/7)

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