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'Men in Kilts' window washing service turns heads in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA (CNN) - In a city renowned for its eye-catching views. Here's a sight compelling some to do a doubletake.

Cody Guthrie loves second looks, and his reputation as a window washer is spotless. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

His company's tantalizing logo? No peeking, is almost tantamount to a dare. Why? Because they wear kilts. Simply enough, these are employees of a cleaning company. The name of the company is 'Men in Kilts'.

They do window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing, siding cleaning...and they do it all while climbing around buildings in a kilt.

When people ask Cody Guthrie what he is wearing under his kilt. He tells them, "I wear my boots."

The workers wear those kilts to work in all kinds of weather. There are also women are on the payroll, but they work in behind-the-scenes roles.

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