Sequester will cut money to Lufkin senior nutrition programs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - At the Angelina County Senior Center, lunch time is a highlight for many of these seniors that they don't want to see taken away.

"All these people look out for each other and if one of them does not show up, they get on the phone and call to see if that individual is doing all right," said Jolee Marks.

If a budget deal is not met in Washington D.C., the ramifications will be felt at places like the center.

According to the White House website more than four million seniors will stop receiving meals.

In Texas, around $3.5 million dollars in funding for senior nutrition will be cut.

Robyn Hight, the executive director of the Angelina County Senior Center believes representatives in Washington are out of touch.

"I just don't think they know they are going to get old one day. If they had any idea of how much of a worthwhile program this is. Sometimes I think they just want all the old people to kick up their heels and go away," said Hight.

The Meals on Wheels program, who delivers meals to the elderly and homebound, will also feel the pain.

"It's very important that we help these people. They are the ones that have helped us over years and years," said Leon Moore.

It's a service that meets a very basic need: hunger.

"Well, I guess we will have to go somewhere else. I hope it doesn't close," said Doris Logins.

Places like the Senior Center also provide the older population with a sense of community.

To see a more in-depth look at how Texas will be affected you can visit the White House website.

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