Huntington ISD one step closer to conceal-carry on campus policy

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The Huntington Independent School District is inching closer to adopting a new policy that would allow select individuals on their campuses to carry concealed weapons.

The HISD school board decided that they will vote on whether or not the district will adopt a conceal-carry policy for their district at their next meeting.

HISD superintendent, Dr. Eric Wright drafted a generic policy based on research complied from the Texas Association of School Boards, Van and Herald ISD's.

Wright read the following part of the proposed policy, "Authorized school employees and/or trustees who have obtained and maintained a current license in accordance with state law to carry a concealed handgun would be able to be authorized to possess a firearm on school property. If any school employee or trustee is authorized to possess a firearm on school property they shall be provided additional training in crisis intervention, management of hostage situations and other training as the board or designee may determine is necessary or appropriate."

Huntington High School teacher and parent, Tommy Bledsoe is for the policy but it's his 2nd choice.

Bledsoe says, "It all depends on economics. Officers would be great if we could afford them and if not we would have to go to the concealed handguns program but it's going to cost a lot of money to go with officers"

Adrian Neal also teaches at the high school and has 2 kids attending HISD. Neal says he would be in favor of it if it was managed properly.

Neal said, "Of course proper training with police authorities. The right kind of ammunition that would not cost residual injury and probably a constant evaluation of the policy as far as staff moving in and out and who would be the right person to possibly carry."

"I think we can never be too careful and schools need to be secure, they need to be safe. So if that can be managed in a way that there's more than an officer as far as a backup I think that's great," said Neal. 

Bledsoe said, "It's a big responsibility but teachers always accept responsibility to defend their children."

HISD School Board President Ben Watson made sure to emphasize that if they do adopt the policy it doesn't mean guns will be on campuses just that the district has the option to use the policy.

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