East Texas warrant roundup begins Saturday

Brian Smith, City Marshal for the Lufkin Municipal Court
Brian Smith, City Marshal for the Lufkin Municipal Court

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you have an outstanding warrant, you better get ready because the City of Lufkin is ready to come get you.

The Lufkin Municipal Court and police department will start it's yearly warrant roundup on Saturday, March 2 and you best believe they will be making arrests.

City Marshal Brian Smith says the best way to avoid getting arrested is to pay off your warrant at City Hall or online. He says they do this every year to get rid of excess warrants.

"Mainly we do the warrant roundup to clear out warrants there and we have a large amount of warrants that we need to clear out every year and it helps to have the extra manpower to clear out and we have an excessive amount of probably 35,000 warrants," Smith said.

Smith says they collected over $77,000 in warrants this past week and have had over 400 warrants paid in person since the warrant pay period opened on February 15.

Both Lufkin and Nacogdoches are conducting warrant roundups. They will be making arrests from March 2 to March 10.

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