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ETX Rep hopes to block gun laws from reaching Texas


State lawmakers are filing bills to fight the federal government's attempt at more gun control laws.

On Saturday, many East Texans rallied together in support of those challenging President Obama's executive actions.

District 5 Representative Bryan Hughes was one of the speakers at that event and said he is co-authoring a bill to prevent those laws from affecting Texas.

"This bill says any executive order coming out of Washington regarding guns that goes against the constitution will now have any effect in Texas. In fact, it says it's against the law to try to enforce one of the orders in Texas," Hughes said.

Texas House Bill 553 refers to President Obama's use of executive action to create stricter gun control measures, something some Texas state officials are fighting through multiple bills like 1314.

"Any government official, state, federal or local that seizes a firearm pursuant to an unconstitutional regulation is committing a class A misdemeanor. It's against the law to seize your firearm unconstitutionally, and that's for anybody state, federal or local," Hughes said.

Representative Hughes specifically refers to the president's proposed renewal of a ban on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, something he is challenging through H. B. 928.

"The constitution gives the federal government the authority to regulate interstate commerce you know, stuff that's going from one state to another. But if a gun, ammunition is made, sold and used only in Texas then the feds shouldn't really have any say in that, so that's one of the bills I'm a joint author of," Hughes explained.

President Obama's executive actions on guns came after the Newtown shooting where 26 people were killed. Hughes, however, said creating stricter gun laws is not the way to react to such a tragedy.

"That's a horrible situation, the only way we could make that worse would be to use that as a reason to take away law abiding citizens liberties. You know, when a bad guy does something with a gun don't take the guns away from the good guys. That doesn't make sense," Hughes said.

The president's proposals have been opposed by the National Rifle Association and have won little support among republicans in congress.

These bills are on file and have not yet been voted on.

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