Restaurant Report - Angelina - 2/28/13 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Restaurant Report - Angelina - 2/28/13


China Hibachi Buffet @ 736 S. Timberland: 44 demerits for improper temperatures, improper thawing, do not store personal items with single service items, all foods must be labeled and covered, clean under equipment in waitress station, remove cloth rugs, clean floors in kitchen, clean under all equipment in kitchen, clean vent filters, do not store juice in ice machine, replace covering along wall, do not store single service items in restroom, lid needed on trash can in employee restroom, remove household rice cooker, hand sinks are for hand washing only, hand sinks must be accessible, back door must shut by itself, do not store toxics by single service items or food, thermometers must be accurate, store ice scoop properly, dipper well must stay on and scoops must have handles.

Denny's @ 1910 E. Denman Ave.: 24 demerits for improper temperatures, all drinks must have lids, all jewelry and fingernail polish must be removed, clean floor drains, clean under prep tables, remove expired foods, clean under shelves in dry storage, clean inside prep cooler, remove cloth rugs, need thermometers in cooler, store ice scoop properly, do not store utensils in food, do not store utensils in standing water, replace damaged cutting boards and clean inside microwave.

Little Caesars @ 107 N. Timberland: 18 demerits for all jewelry and fingernail polish must be removed, do not eat in kitchen, do not store food on the floor, clean under equipment, clean floors, clean oven filters, replace rusted shelves in reach in cooler, do not stack food trays on top of each other, need paper towels at hand sink in restroom and do not store toxic items by food or single service items.

Area Lake Catfish @ 1409 E. Denman: 17 demerits for must separate personal items from market, repair floors, do not smoke inside facility, back door must be insect/rodent proof, cannot use household pesticides, do not store toxics with foods preps and single service items, repair leak at compartment sink and fish holding unit must be hooked into drain.

Carl's Jr. @ 1301 S. First: 16 demerits for improper temperatures, clean under fountain drink cabinet, clean under equipment, clean broiler, clean vent hood filters above broiler, clean inside microwave and clean can opener.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt @ 4505 S. Medford Ste. 307: 13 demerits for floor needs to be recovered, remove household freezer, all equipment must be commercial, do not hang fly strips in prep area, back door must self close and do not use household pesticides.

Subway @ 103 Champions Dr.: 13 demerits for improper temperatures, personal items must be stored separate, do not store food on freezer floor, clean under shelves and secure vent in women's restroom.

Café Memorial @ 1201 Frank St.: 12 demerits for improper temperatures, clean floor drains, remove expired foods, re-do floor in dry storage room, repair cabinets under fountain drink dispenser, clean vent hood filters, clean under fryer and clean inside ice machine.

Taco Bell @ 2214 S. First St.: 11 demerits for cheese too warm, clean under fountain drink station, clean fan covers, clean fountain drink station and repair broken/loose floor tiles.

Burger King @ 209 Timberland Dr.: 11 demerits for no jewelry allowed to be worn, clean under shelves in dry storage, clean fan covers in walk in cooler, paint bare wood, self closers needed on restroom doors, remove expired mixes and thermometers required in all coolers and freezers.

Subway @ 1607 W. Frank: 8 demerits for improper temperatures, clean ice dispenser at fountain drink machine, store ice scoop properly, do not store personal items with food/single service items, secure floor drain cover in women's restroom and no jewelry or long fingernails.

Gammie's Pizza @ 188 Hwy 147 Zavalla: 6 demerits for need soap and towels at hand sink, need soap in restroom, replace broken thermometer in freezer, thermometers needed in cooler and freezer, employees cannot wear jewelry in kitchen and replace broken light shield.

Daily Donuts @ 1010 S. John Redditt: 4 demerits for do not thaw in standing water, do not stack food trays, do not store food in plastic bags, repair wall behind compartment sink, paint bare wood and employees cannot wear jewelry or have long fingernails.

Fuller's Buffet and Catering @ 1124 S. First: 4 demerits for clean under equipment and sneeze guard required for all buffet items.

Subway @ 5772 Ted Trout Hudson: 0 demerits.

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