Family of 8 puppies and mom each looking for a home

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This week's BFF is a whole family. A mom named Sydney and her 8 puppies who each want a forever family.      

Stella, Spuds, Sunshine, Snuggles, Squirt, Scarlet, Sigmund, Sasha and their mom Sydney all need a home.

Mom Sydney, a Boston Terrier mix, was brought into the animal shelter while she was in labor.
Christi Kalawinksy works at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter and was there when Sydney & her puppies were surrendered.

Kalawinsky says, "The gentleman who brought her in actually had seen her around his neighborhood for a couple weeks. She was very large and very pregnant. He had come out one morning and she was in the middle of having puppies"

Sydney ended up with 8 puppies total, all different sizes and colors. The puppies aren't quite ready to go home yet but can real soon.

Humane Society of Angelina County Director, Paula Divello says, "They still need another round of shots and they need to be fixed but we've got that all scheduled so even though it might take another week or 2 to take them home you can claim them today. They can be your puppy."

The puppies are about 7 weeks old and the staff at the Humane Society has cared for them since birth. They all need a good home, training and lots of love.

Divello says, "They need a lot of attention. They're going to need puppy food, lots of things to play with a home with kids would be absolutely fantastic."

To find out how you can adopt our furry friends call the Humane Society of Angelina County at 936-639-1880.

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