The state basketball playoffs have now been narrowed down to just 16 teams in each class. Starting Friday 4 teams from each region will battle it out for a spot at state. Deep East Texas has 4 teams advancing from the area. We spoke with each team as they prepared for their game, and here is a breakdown of each matchup.

Grapeland, 75, Big Sandy, 60, FINAL (Will face San Augustine Saturday at 10 a.m.)

The Grapeland Sandies are no strangers to this time of year. This is the third season in a row that the Sandies have reached the region tournament in Tyler. Now the team wants to take the next step and they say past experiences will help them this weekend.

"I think it helps because last year we have been there and we don't want to go on that same road," said senior Quaderius Whitt. "So we are pushing harder this year so we can be successful and go to the next round."

"The guys are probably very excited but I have been here before," said senior Patrick Walker. "I think that gives us the advantage of not being as nervous as the other teams, and I feel like if we play our game we can beat anybody."

The Sandies have been highly ranked in state all year and are looking to continue their roll through the playoffs. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few nerves the night before the big game.

"To be honest with you I lose some sleep as we get closer to state with each game and tonight I probably won't sleep very well," said Grapeland head coach Owen Clifton. "But it is exciting and as a young coach I still get just as excited as the kids."


Standing in Grapeland's way are the Wildcats from Big Sandy, who knocked off Tenaha 51-50 at Hudson High School on Tuesday.

The Wildcats are also familiar with deep playoff runs, having reached the state tournament 13 times in school history.

"We always talk about being a part of that legacy and making your mark while you are here," said Big Sandy head coach Kevin Foster. "And being one of those teams that made it to region is a big part of doing that."

Big Sandy also boasts one of the best crowds in East Texas basketball. Filling up the stands and often vastly outnumbering the other team's support group.

"The fan base has just always been incredible," said Foster. "But more than anything it is good for the kids to know that you have a community that supports them. It just makes it a lot of fun."

San Augustine 81 - Kerens 60, Final (Will face Grapeland Saturday at 10 a.m.)

Also at Tyler Junior College this weekend, but on the other side of the 4-team bracket, are the San Augustine Wolves.

The Wolf pack had a come-from-behind victory over New Summerfield on Tuesday at Central Heights. Head coach Tory Barnes explained why he feels his team is peaking at the right time of the year.

"I think success breeds success, and I think it just carried over from football to basketball," said Barnes. "As the season has gone on our kids have progressed week by week. And that has been our goal not to peak too early. And I think right now we are playing our best basketball and it is exciting."

Douglass 61 - Menard 34, Final (Will face Oakwood Saturday at Canyon HS) –

Shifting gears now to Class A Division II, the state ranked Douglass Indians are also still representing deep East Texas basketball in the playoffs.

A couple of seniors explained why last year's loss late in the playoffs has helped push this year's team.

"I think last year we kind of got ahead of ourselves and planned ahead farther than we should have," said senior Jake Raines. "But this year we are really breaking it down and taking it one team at a time."

Nerves may have also played a factor last season, but senior Reed Westbrook says his team is feeling more confident making another trip to the region tournament.

"Well last year I remember there were huge nerves," said Westbrook. "But now since we have been there we kind of know what to expect. It is not going to be such a shock. We are a little nervous but the nervousness just keeps us focused. And we are real confident going into every game."

Head coach Mark Leuschner says his Indians team is on a mission.

"It is a lot of fun for our kids right now because last year we had some success and even the year before that but now we kind of want to get beyond all that," said Leuschner. "Really we feel like we are on a mission to get a little bit further than we have ever been."


You can see the highlights Friday night on KTRE news and we will continuously update this page with the latest scores from each region tournament.

Here are the scores and schedules for East Texas boys high school basketball region tournaments. If you would like to report a score to the sports office call (936) 853-8622, or email the office at You can also post scores to


Region Quarterfinals (Tuesday)

San Augustine 81 - New Summerfield 60, Final

Tenaha 50 - Dallardsville Big Sandy 51, Final

Grapeland 62 - Mart 45, Final

Region 3 Tournament (Friday & Saturday)

Grapeland 75 - Big Sandy 60, Final

San Augustine 81 - Kerens 60, Final

(Winners will play Saturday at 10 a.m.)

1A Division 2

Region Quarterfinals (Tuesday)

Douglass 50 - Calvert 37, Final

Region 4 Tournament (Friday & Saturday)

Douglass vs. Menard - Friday, 6 p.m. at New Braunfels Canyon -

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