Hudson ISD claims father's bus-stop story inaccurate

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - After holding a closed-door school board meeting on Feb. 24 and finishing up an internal investigation, Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker says that the initial story told by a district's parent about his son being endangered is not true.

Scott Pierce says that on Jan 7, his four-year-old son Drake was dropped off at his normal bus stop instead of his day care.

Pierce and his wife were on a cruise in Mexico and had arranged for their son to be left at the day care until a close family friend got off work and would pick him up and take care of him.

Pierce said that Drake wondered around the Copper Creek subdivision for at least three hours. Drake told his dad that he wandered off into the woods and down to a creek, saying that he got cold and scared.

Pierce said that Drake finally showed up at a neighbor's house, wet and shivering from the cold. Pierce also claims that the neighbor has a case of dementia, something that scared him at the time.

Whiteker and Hudson ISD say that all of the claims are not true.

"The district does acknowledge the fact the Mr. Pierce's son was dropped off at his regular bus stop instead of a day care center, per the request of Mr. Pierce and his wife from their cruise," said Whitaker.

Whiteker said the real story went different.

"The neighbor across the street went out to get her mail and noticed the young man walking from his bus to the house. She knew the parents were out of town, so she immediately walked over to the young man and took him home to her," said Whiteker.

Whiteker also said that the allegations of the neighbor having dementia are also not accurate and that the neighbor takes care of other children.

Regarding the bus driver, Whiteker said that the matter has been handled internally and she could not discuss further details.

The district has a policy in place that says a child of Drake's age is not allowed off the bus unless a parent is waiting on the child or the child has an older sibling on the bus. Whiteker acknowledged that there are also other precautions the district takes and that on that day all of them seemed to fail  in one way or another.

District Attorney Art Bauereiss said he could not comment on whether the case would go to grand jury, citing privacy laws.

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