Center Police: Man ran phone scam scheme out of tent

Ladarren Reed (Source: Center Police)
Ladarren Reed (Source: Center Police)
Sherry Plunkett (Source: Center Police)
Sherry Plunkett (Source: Center Police)

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Center Police have arrested a man and his girlfriend accused of running a phone-scam scheme out of a tent in the back yard of a property.

Det. Joey Haley said he and a county investigator served the search warrant at the home of Ladarren Reed, 25, and Sherry Plunkett, 28, both of Center, on Thursday morning.

Haley said the investigation came after complaints of a phone scam where the caller told those that answered the phone that their phone would be cut off if they didn't now pay over the phone. Haley said Reed would take down their credit card number and other identifying information and spend money on the information.

Haley said he began suspecting Reed because he had arrested him on similar complaints in 2010. Reed is serving probation on the conviction.

Haley said the county investigator connected something purchased from one of the credit card to Reed's address and they went to the home Tuesday morning.

The officers found what they were looking for, but not inside the house.

"I don't think he wanted his dad to know what he was doing," Haley said. "We got out there and there was a tent in the back yard. He had a phone cord going out to the tent."

Haley said they found a phone book and several pieces of paper with credit card information, Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

Haley said he told Reed he was under arrest.

"He said, 'No, I'm not,' and began resisting," Haley said.

Reed began head-butting both officers and broke a rib of the county investigator.

They managed to arrest Reed and Plunkett, who was living with Reed in the tent, Haley said.

Reed is charged with first-degree aggravated assault on a public servant and third-degree fraudulent possession of identifying information. He is filing several charges of credit card abuse.

Plunkett is also charged with the third-degree felony.

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