East Texas moonshine

The sale of beer and wine has been legal in Angelina County for several years, but at least one Lufkin resident apparently resorts to illegal moonshining. Law enforcement officers confiscated around 150 gallons of the alcohol Tuesday. Michelle Reed has the story at 10.

Usually when someone has their car stolen, they're out a ride. But for one East Texas man, it means he's also lost his business. At 6, Caleb Beames explains how this Rusk man has helped police try to identify the thief.

Nacogdoches elementary students are practicing before they attempt to break a Guinness World Record. During science class, Thomas J. Rusk fourth-graders have been working with electrical circuits. At 10, Maegan Prejean shows you how they plan to beat the record for the longest human electrical circuit.

Agencies who support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault can breath a little easier now that the president has re-authorized an important piece of legislation. At 6, Leigha Hughes talks with a survivor of domestic violence whose life might have been much different if the violence against women act didn't exist.

If you're planning on staying in East Texas over Spring Break, don't fret. Francesca Washington has a full itinerary for you in her report at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor