Woodville native sings her heart out on American Idol

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - A small East Texas community is buzzing with excitement and pride as they watch their "hometown girl" Kree Harrison sing her heart out on the 12th season of American Idol.

Kree's younger brother and a family friend talked to East Texas News about their shining star from Woodville.

Kree's younger brother, Corey Harrison, shared a song his sister wrote for her mother.

You can't go anywhere in the small Tyler county town without seeing signs of support for the East Texas native, and Corey says she's rocking the competition.

"It's crazy. The support from Tyler County we're getting is amazing," Corey said. "Everything is great. I'm really happy for her and hope that she does the best."

Kree has already advanced to the Top 20 in the singing competition and childhood friend Amanda Boyd is already calling the winner.

"Oh all the way. All the way," Boyd said. "I know she's going to be the next American Idol, no doubt about that."

Boyd said she remembers watching Kree sing all through her childhood, and it's about time America gets to see her too.

"I think it's exciting we can share Kree with the rest of America," Boyd said. "We've always known how amazing she is in East Texas."

"I'm more excited for her than anything because she's been working so hard all her life and now it's time for her to shine," Corey said.

Corey said now 22-year-old Kree has been singing since she was 3, and she never stopped. She performed at Tyler County rodeos, in competitions, and at church.

"She started singing at a church in Comesneil, and ever since then, she's just been singing, singing, singing," Corey said.

"I remember one point when she got her first microphone, and she was so excited, and she called me and said you've got to come over and hear me sing," Corey said.

Although Kree lives in Nashville now, her family and friends say she'll always call East Texas home.

"Her roots are here, and she's ours, and no matter where she goes in life and how big her career will get, this is always going to be home and she's always going to be Kree to us," Boyd said.

You can watch and support our East Texas American Idol contestant every Wednesday and Thursday on American Idol on Fox.

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