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TJC goes to Turkey despite arrest of former leader


Community members, University of Texas-Tyler and Tyler Junior College students are boarding a plane for a trip to Turkey. But in early January, TJC school officials told us they weren't sure if the trip would happen.

For the last several years, Dr. Manoucher Khosrowshahi was the project guide. In December he was arrested for theft, fabricating physical evidence and fraud. Tyler police say Khosrowshahi was transferring barcodes on different products from Walmart.

TJC officials announced the trip to Turkey is still on. Even after being arrested, Dr. Khosrowshahi is one of the travelers. But since his recent retirement from TJC, he is going as a consultant, instead of the project director.

It's a trip of a lifetime says UT-Tyler student Addie Moore, "Turkey has been always one of my dream destinations and so it's going to be really exciting."

For the last 16 years, the trip to Turkey has been a favorite around the community. TJC Dean of Humanities, Communications, and Fine Arts Rosemary Reynolds-Sundet says that's because of Khosrowshahi, or also known as, Dr.K.

"Dr. K has led the tour of biblical and archeological Asia minor, the tour of those treasures, for many years, he started this wonderful tradition at the college," says Dean Sundet.

Moore says she made it a goal to go this year, and that's because of Dr. K's seminars.

"I am really glad that he is still able to go because he has so much knowledge on the country's so many times that I think to take him out of the trip it would kind of hinder it," says Moore.

Khosrowshahi retired from the college shortly after he bonded out of jail.

"I think that he went through a hard time and he is growing every day like all of us," says Moore.

School officials hesitated to announce if the trip would continue or not.

Dean Sundet says Dr.K is still fully involved in the trip planning and organization.

"Dr. K has been meticulous about the preparation for this trip so I think it's all in good order, and were really excited," says Dean Sundet.

Twenty-four people are going on the trip, including thirteen students from three different universities, and several others from around the community.

According to the itinerary, they leave Friday morning, arrive in Istanbul Saturday, and come back next Sunday.

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