2 Nacogdoches Co. girls becoming celebrities because of cute photo

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A recurring advertising phenomenon is currently happening for the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau. A photography contest led to an image that is making two young sisters from Nacogdoches County celebrities.

Layna and Leah Roach of Douglass are typical sisters. They climb trees, but they also wear girly frilly clothes, like pink and blue tutus with cowboy boots.

Their friend Robin Johnson, a freelance photographer, snapped the image of the Texas cowgirls two years ago in the Ruby Mize Azalea Garden.

"I was just shooting pictures as they were walking and I had them turn around," Johnson said.

Little did Robin know it would become a winning photograph in last year's Texas Forest Trail Photo Contest.

It won the fan favorite last year, and it also won the family fun category because it really fit all those things perfectly," Mary Turner, the director of the Texas Forest Trail, said.

Later, the photo ended up in publications including "Texas Monthly," "AAA," Texas Highways, "and Texas Coop Power." The girls are seen on Facebook and Google ad campaigns too.

"It's kinda spiraled into, you know, this little media frenzy for them, and I'm excited for them," Johnson said.

"Makes me feel like I'm going to be famous one day," Layna Roach, said.

The photo contest, the image, and the ad campaign are working by bringing visitors to East Texas.

"In the AAA magazine we saw an article about the Azalea Gardens and saw cute little girls in their tutus and it looked beautiful, so we decided to come down," Kathi Wisner, a visitor from Austin, said.

Texas Forest Trail is now accepting entries for this year's photo contest. Remember that this contest covers 35 counties in East Texas, so you could be taking images of all sorts of things.

So, snap away. It might not hurt to have a couple of cute little girls.

The "We pine for East Texas" photography contest is offering fifteen prizes totaling $3,500. Entries will be taken through April 7.

To see the complete set of rules and guidelines, visit this link.

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