Unemployment rate in Deep E. Texas counties lower than last year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nationally the unemployment rate is the lowest its been in five years.

Employment officials in East Texas say the outlook for job seekers in improving as more jobs become available.

Nacogdoches resident Steve McGee spends his mornings applying for jobs at work force solutions.

"I know Texas has stepped up on hiring and I know that there are a few companies down here that are hiring," said McGee.

Friday morning the White House reported the unemployment rate fell from 7.9 percent in January to 7.7 percent in February, the lowest its been since 2008.

Numbers for Deep East Texas show the unemployment rate fell from 8.6 last January to 8.4 this year.

"It looks like the economy is improving, we're almost back to the level we were five years ago," said Maria Kassabaum, Managing Director, Work Force Solutions.

Work force Solutions Managing Director Maria Kassabaum says their organization has seen a steady increase in job postings each month.

In December they had approximately 154 postings, last month they nearly tripled that number.

"For the month of January we received 290 job postings for the month of February we received 433," said Kassabaum.

Kassabaum says the sudden boost in the economy may lessen the consequences of recent government spending cuts.

"We probably won't see an impact until later down the road right now I don't think it will impact our service," said Kassabaum.

Workforce officials say their goal is to help their clients find jobs, they hope the job increase will encourage them to continue their search until they have been employed.

"My outlook is positive I've got good vibes," said McGee.

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