Authorities: San Augustine woman stabbed ex with pliers

Denise Johnson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)
Denise Johnson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - After allegedly forcing her way into her ex-husband's house and assaulting him with a pair of needle-nose pliers early Tuesday morning, a 38-year-old woman was arrested by the San Augustine Police Department after she parked her car in a street intersection and almost passed out.

Denise Michelle Johnson, of San Augustine, was charged with burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit another felony, a first-degree felony. She was also charged with three misdemeanor charges - obstructing a highway passageway, possession of drug paraphernalia, and open container of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle.

According to an incident report from the San Augustine Sheriff's Office, a deputy met with the Johnson's ex-husband told him that he had been visiting his mother's house in the 600 block of PR 6080 several times a week to check up on her because of her failing health.

The ex-husband spent the night at his mother's house, and he told the deputy that at about 3:08 a.m., he heard a car drive up. He looked out the window and spotted a red car that he knew belonged to his ex-wife, Johnson.

The incident report stated that the ex-husband had gotten out of bed and walked into the home's living room when the front door was allegedly forced open. Johnson allegedly told her ex-husband, "I'll stab your [expletive]" several times.

At that point, the ex-husband allegedly felt something metal poke him on the left side of the stomach, the incident report stated, Realizing that Johnson had an unknown metal object in her hand, the ex-husband struggled with her in an effort to get the pliers out of her hand. During the scuffle, Johnson allegedly stabbed her ex-husband in the left middle finger.

According to the incident report, the ex-husband grabbed Johnson's arm and forced her to floor. After the man took the pliers from her, Johnson ran out the front door and fled the scene in her car.

Jesse Fountain, the chief of the San Augustine Police Department, said later Tuesday morning, one of his officers responded to a report of a small, red car parked in the intersection of Congress and Columbia streets. When the officer approached the car, he saw the driver (Johnson) slumped over into the passenger side of the car.

Fountain said Johnson didn't respond when the officer tapped on the window, so the officer opened the door and shook her. When she startled awake, she let her foot off the brake, and the car started rolling.

Once the officer got the car stopped, he asked Johnson to get out of the vehicle. Fountain said she had trouble keeping her balance, and her speech was slurred. In addition, the officer's report said that she was obviously intoxicated from "mind-altering drugs."

When the officer searched Johnson's car, he allegedly found an open bottle of Bud Light Ice and a crack pipe.

The incident report from the SACSO stated that the deputy noticed the door frame was cracked at the home in the 600 block of PR 6080, and the ex-husband told him Johnson had damaged it when she forced her way inside. He also spotted a pair of red-handled needle-nose pliers on a coffee table in the living room.

Explaining that he and Johnson had been married approximately 20 years ago, the ex-husband told the deputy that she had just been released from prison about a week before. In addition, the ex-husband said that Denise had not been staying at his mother's house and had been trying to rekindle their relationship.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Johnson had just been released from prison, where she had been serving a 2-year term for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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