'Restaurant Impossible' renovated Bryan's Smokehouse getting mixed reviews

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Food Network crew has packed up and moved out leaving the newly renovated Bryan's Smokehouse to showcase their new menu and new look to Lufkin.

Restaurant Impossible recently took over Bryan's Smokehouse. Host Robert Irvine and his team had 36 hours to transform the BBQ joint on the verge of failure into a delicious and successful restaurant.

Cameras are not allowed inside Bryan's until the Restaurant Impossible episode airs in May but KTRE did go inside and take a look around. Right when you walk through the front doors there is a metal bull and a Bryan's smokehouse sign, turn to the left and there's a chalkboard menu with everything listed that they serve. You step on over to the window and order like you do at most BBQ restaurants, move down to the next window and you pick up your food."

Robert Johnson ate at Bryan's Smokehouse more than a decade ago but came back to see what's new.

"It's better than most, said Johnson. "Thumbs up all the way."

"It's going to be alright. They done good. I think," said Johnson.

Michael Wood has mixed feelings about his experience. He said he and his family have eaten at Bryan's for years.

"I actually liked it before," said Wood.

Wood tried the pulled pork sandwich that the owner calls, Chef Irvine's special.

Wood said, "I don't like coleslaw on my sandwiches and there was coleslaw on this one and I asked for them not to put it on there and they put it on there anyway."

Wood's wife, Tammy, enjoyed her food and the renovations.

"I like the design better now for sure and I think they're planning on adding more to their menu so it'll be better," said Tammy Wood.

But as far as being Lufkin's best barbeque, Wood thinks they have some work.

"Not quite there yet but I'm sure after some practice they'll get better," said Wood.

George Berney and his family tried Bryan's pulled pork sandwich and chili and says they won't be back.

"I returned it,"said Berney. It was cold and it was grisly."

The owner told customers she plans to bring some of Bryan's regular items, like their po-boys, back onto the menu next week.

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