Nacogdoches business celebrates anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Teresa and David Darby have spent more than three decades in Nacogdoches selling stained glass and teaching people the art of creating their own.

"In a larger town we'd have been lost," said Teresa.

Glass Castles has become a significant piece of the historic Nacogdoches downtown.

Saturday the Darbys will tap into their Irish heritage and celebrate the day they first opened, St. Patrick's Day 33 years ago.

"It wasn't really aimed that way, it just fell together that way when we moved to Nacogdoches," said David.

In the store you will find anything from wind chimes, to jewelry and even some stained glass pieces made by area artists.

The Darbys say the unique variety of goods has helped the store stand out.

"People come in they don't expect this to be here they don't expect to be able to learn it they just see it in churches or on someone's front door," said Teresa.

Student Glenda Haydel started making stained glass 10 year ago as a beginner.

She says the art is an intricate process that the Darbys helped her master.

"They offer something to help you learn and you can use it for just for fun or you can a business with it, they're great people," said Haydel.

The Darbys say the loyalty of the Nacogdoches community is the key to their success and want use a day of celebration to thank their community.

"This town has embraced us we've been given opportunities in this town," said Teresa.

Opportunities this couple is grateful for.

The glass castles birthday and St. Patrick's Day extravaganza starts at 9:00 a.m. Saturday and continues through 6:00p.m.

The Darbys say there will be door prizes and Italian Cream Cake for everyone.

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