Animal rescue

We're told more than 75 dogs and cats have been neglected at a Trinity County home. Animal officials went there today and saved what they could. Caleb Beames was with them and has a full report at 6.

At 10 tonight, you'll see how emergency officials managed to free a woman who was trapped in her car after another vehicle crashed ON TOP of hers. Michelle Reed brings you that story.

A new state budget plan for public schools and mental health services is headed to the senate.  Wednesday, the senate finance committee approved their version of the new budget, which includes a more than seven percent increase over what the state is currently spending. At 6, Maegan Prejean tells you how the state budget plan could mental health services locally.

A growing population of Burmese and Karen people to Nacogdoches has brought a new kind of business to town. Several months ago an Asian grocery store opened, a first in the oldest town. At 6, Donna McCollum stops by for a visit.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor