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TJC students ascend Mt. Fuji


KLTV 7's Joe Terrell and Jamey Boyum have been in Japan all week with the Tyler Junior College Apache Belle's and band, a group of nearly 100 people. Their latest excursion took them to the base of Mount Fuji - and then all the way to the top.

The group took a gondola to the top of the 12,000-foot mountain where they encountered stiff winds, up to 50 miles per hour - and drank a little canned coffee to battle the freezing temperatures.

Tomorrow, the TJC band and Belles will be at a U.S. Navy base not far from Tokyo. Early in the day, the Apache Belles will put on a dance workshop for some of the younger girls and later the Belles and band will put on a show for the troops.

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