Restaurant Report - Angelina 3/14/13

Brookshire Brothers #25 Deli at 1807 Frank St.: 15 demerits for salad case must be held at 45 degrees or below, clean floor in walk-in cooler, check dates on lunch meat, proof of extermination, clean inside ice machine, remove fly strips.

Best Western Restaurant at 3211 S. First St.: 12 demerits for improper thawing of eggs, food manager needed, keep items out of hand sink.

Wild Horse Saloon at 723 S. Timberland Drive: 13 demerits for clean under ice machines, paint bare wood under hand sink, endcaps needed on light shield in kitchen, trash can in women's restroom need lids, towels and soap required at all hand sinks, all spray bottles must be labeled, clean inside ice machine, store ice scoop properly.

Brookshire Brothers #25 bakery at 1807 West Frank St.: 7 demerits for clean under front prep table, proof of extermination required.

Brookshire Brothers #25 grocery/produce at 1807 W. Frank St.: No demerits.

Golden Corral at 2401 S. First St.: No demerits.

Brookshire Brothers #25 meat market at 1807 W. Frank St.: No demerits.

Mrs. Candi's Cakes at 3459 Ted Trout Drive: No demerits.

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