Jasper Air Show features several new acts

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - To kick off the air show this weekend, Justin Lewis flew the world's smallest jet around Jasper as he showcased his pilot skills.

The FLS microjet is one of the many new acts added to this year's air show.

"This year's show will be totally different," said coordinator Debbie Foster. "We've never had any of these airplanes. There won't be any repeat airplanes from eight previous years. We've got the microjet and if anybody remembers the James Bond movie this little microjet was actually. There's only five flying and this is one of the five in the world that's flying."

Foster says this year will be filled with different acts for families to enjoy.

"We got a wing walker," Foster said. "We've got the flight of Phoenix, which is two T6's that will actually fly in formation with smoke oil. We've also got the tour group and they're going to actually do a kind of dog fight in the sky."

While you're enjoying the different shows you can take a walk around the airport to enjoy food and different fun activities for kids and adults.

During the air show you'll be able to dress up like a pilot and come sit in a jet. It served in Desert Storm and Vietnam, which is more than 21 years of history.

And after you take your picture in the fighter jet you can experience your very own airplane ride.

"We've got a flight simulator this year that we've never had, a P51," Foster said. "A flight simulator where they can crawl up in it and act like they're flying."

What does the air show mean to the community of Jasper?

"It means more to the community than it does to me," said Gerald Cammack, who has attended every Jasper Air Show. "We're proud to have it and it's very entertaining. It's an outstanding show for a small community."

A community that would love to see you and your family at the ninth annual air show this weekend.

The Jasper Air Show is located on FM 777 at the Jasper Bell Field Airport.

The Easton Fire Department will  direct you to your parking spot. Special parking for handicap is at the first terminal.

Other drivers can follow parking signs to the last gate on FM 777 to enter the air show.

Saturday, March 16th

Gates open at 9:00 a.m. for static display & Young Eagles flights

Air show starts at 12:00 noon

Sunday, March 17th

Gates open at 9:00 a.m. for static display & Young Eagles flights

Air show starts at 1:00 p.m.


Adults (13 and up) $15.00

Children (4-12) $5.00

Children (3 and under) FREE

Arm bands available at the entrance gate

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