The problems of animal hoarding

LUFKIN, TX (AP) - Animals rescued yesterday in Trinity County appear to be rescued from a man dealing with hoarding issues.

One thing officials noticed yesterday was that the owner of the animals tried to take care of them with what he thought was plenty of food, but Paula Divello with the Humane Society says it goes beyond that.

"It's more than the food. It's medical care, it's training. When you get a lot of them together they can get diseases," said Divello.

Just because a person loves to care for animals, having a large amount is never a good thing.

"We have 10 to 20 cats here and 10 20 dogs here in any given period. We have a staff of eight and tons of volunteers and it's hard to keep up with what each animal needs," said Divello.

When does caring for animals become hoarding?

"If it becomes so time consuming that you can't do your job or you can't go see your friends and do the things you normally do in your social life or work life, then you know that there is a problem," said Allison Horsley of The Burke Center.

Neither one of these people believe that hoarders are bad people. What they do believe is that they are just looking for love.

"What a hoarder does is really heartbreaking. They care about the animals, so they try to take care of all of them and it gets out of control," said Divello.

"They need the love and they're not getting it elsewhere. You can always depend on an animal to love you. Some people just think the more love you get the better," said Horsley.

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