Rural counties across E. Texas dealing with population decease

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Various counties across the U.S. are fading, agingpopulations and weak local economies are prompting young adults find jobssomewhere else.

"Intuitively I seethat we've losing young people to larger cities, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio,"said Erin ford, Houston County Judge.

According to the Associated Press more than one in threeU.S. counties are dying off.

In East Texas 10 counties have seen a decrease in theirpopulations since 2010, the Houston County population has decreased by 2.4percent.

"We've seen a shiftfrom the economic benefit of being in a county to people seeking jobs tosupport their families," said Ford.

Sabine and Trinity counties have also seen a decrease intheir population.

Trinity County Judge Steven Page says there aren't a lot ofjob opportunities in Trinity County and most residents commute for work.

"Economic developmentin the county is the backbone of the county, keeps the county going," saidPage.

Houston County Judge Erin Ford says the county's economy isagriculturally based and says many businesses over look the advantages of arural environment

"Free marketindustry, enterprise in the county so that we can draw young people back," saidFord.

According to the 2012 Census, the U.S. has encountered its slowestgrowth levels since the Great Depression

But rural counties are depending on parks, lakes andrecreation areas to maintain a stable population.

According to the 2012 Census Sabine Countyhas seen a 3.7 percent decrease in population, the largest in East Texas.

Since 2010 Angelina and Nacogdochescounties have seen an increase in their populations.

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