World's smallest microjet flies through East Texas

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a microjet. The world's smallest jet flew though East Texas skies this weekend at the Jasper air show, turning heads and awing the crowd with its power.

It may be a miniature version of a jet but this micro jet packs a punch.
Pilot Justin Lewis built the microjet in his garage and now owns one of only four in the world that are flying today and the only microjet flying in the United States.

"We re-engineered an old 1970's design that was called the BD-5 microjet. The BD-5 was a very very famous air show airplane because it's so small and so unique that people just see this and envision that they could do this too," said Lewis.

The microjet is only 13 feet long from nose to tail and 17 feet from wing to wing.

Lewis says, "The airplane only weight 416 pounds with fuel in it and me in it we almost double the weight of the airplane so when I take off at the air show it's going to be 700 pounds. I'm going to make this thing fly about 300 miles an hour through the air when I go past the crowd."

Lewis says when he fires up the microjet it at air shows it really surprises the crowd.

"They see this jet engine and it's just so unsuspecting when they come up to it at an air show to hear that jet engine come to life they can't believe that something this small can go that fast and have that much performance," said Lewis.

Lewis has flown all different types of planes, many during his time in the military, and says he built the microjet because he wanted to make something really unique.

"It's amazing," said Lewis. "It's so small I actually feel like I'm wearing a pair of wings on me. I'm sticking out in the air so I can honestly say that between all the fighters and I've even flown big heavy airplanes all the stuff I've flown in my life this is the most fun I've ever had in an airplane."

The microjet gained notoriety when it flew through a hangar in the 1980's James Bond movie, "Octopussy."   

You can learn more about the microjet, follow its movements across the U.S. and see where it'll next here:

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