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Tree falls on ETX house nearly crushing a woman below


An East Texas woman and her mother are spending the night in a hotel after a tree crashed through their home.

Their house off of El Cerrito Drive in South Tyler is severely damaged. Both women were home when the tree fell at around 4 o'clock on Monday afternoon.

"I was actually standing right where you see that big part of the tree, getting ready to get into my car, and I was standing up under there and I just started feeling stuff falling, hitting me in the face," says Theresa Pryor, the woman who rents the home the tree fell on.

Pryor says at first she thought the sky was falling, "All you could do is hear me scream, and I ran and I set the world's record for getting away as fast as I possibly could."

Her mother, Theresa Murry heard her daughter's screams from inside their home, "I knew she was alive, I knew she was alright, and I just wanted to get to her and let her see me and that I was alright."

The tree also tore through the home's roof, leaving an unexpected mess.

"Even the firemen said they were surprised this tree fell because it's healthy, it's nothing wrong with it," Pryor says.

But the man who came to clear the tree thinks differently. He says the part of the tree that fell is hollow and rotten.

Pryor says she is just thankful everyone is safe, "This car port and my car actually saved my life. And I tell you, God was on my side today."

Murry is in disbelief.

"It's amazing when you hear that kind of a noise, then you look down and you see your house on the floor."

Neighbors came to check on the two women who say they will be displaced for a few days or so while the hole in their roof is fixed.

Only part of the tree broke off and fell onto the home. However, the landlord is having the entire tree removed to make sure it can't cause any more damage. 

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