Authorities Mourn Fellow Officer's Death

Trey Michael Hutchison
Trey Michael Hutchison

The man accused of killing a former Lufkin police officer was found dead Wednesday night.

In a press release, Bossier City police say the alleged gunman was found inside a home, dead from a gunshot wound. It appears the suspect killed himself after he killed Trey Michael Hutchison. Officer Hutchison joined the police department in Bossier City, Louisiana almost a year ago.

Authorities say Officer Hutchison responded to a 911 hangup Wednesday at a home in Bossier City. When he got there, there was a stand off, and Hutchison was shot to death.

Trey Hutchison left the Lufkin Police Department nearly a year ago, but his former colleagues still say he was one of their best officers.

Hutchison spent almost six years with the LPD as a patrol officer. He left last September to be near his family in Bossier City, Louisiana. Hutchinson's fellow officers say he was a personable young man, who made an impact on people both on and off the police force.

Sgt. Rodney Squyres says, "He would lead the shift on contacts with the public. He was very dedicated, loved the job, and just an all around outstanding officer and person."

Being killed in the line of duty is a risk that comes with being in law enforcement. Authorities take an oath and make a commitment to save lives, often putting their own lives in danger.

DPS Trooper Chris Koonce says, "We treat everybody the same. Sometimes it comes off to civilians, when we stop them, as a little bit overboard or crude, but what we want people to understand is, is that we're out there to be safe and we don't know what we're walking up to when we walk up to a car."

Authorities know there's no way they can be 100 percent prepared for every situation.

"No matter what department you work for, we all care for each other and we try to be there for each other," Trooper Koonce says. "When an officer goes down, it hurts us all, you know, our hearts and our souls. It's a sad day in law enforcement, period, when any officer goes down."

One key to safety is training. Area law enforcement agents get regular training in everything from standoffs to natural disasters to hostage situations. But being prepared comes with experience.

Lufkin Police Lieutenant David Young says, "Preparedness is actually more mindset than anything else. Of course, you take care of the precautions of making sure the equipment is in proper working order and using the protective gear that's supplied, but preparedness is mostly a mindset."

Funeral services for Officer Trey Hutchison will take place this Saturday at 2 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Bossier City.