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Couple wants hit-and-run driver found


A terrifying hit-and-run accident involving an angry driver last week still haunts a Terryville couple.

"You don't chase someone for a mile when we did nothing wrong," said mother Trish Shank. "His intent was to kill us."

Shank, 21, and her boyfriend, Chris Naples, were stopped at the intersection of Route 6 and Route 72 late Thursday night. According to Shank, a man in a blue Ford pickup truck with a lift kit crept up behind and bumped into their new car.

"The guy got out and started yelling," said Shank. "The guy then pointed at me and looked at my boyfriend and said, 'I'm gonna run your piece of crap car over.' And jumped in his truck."

Naples drove off only to be followed for a mile by the man, and then the truck hit the back of their car. Shank said the truck was traveling between 80 mph and 90 mph at that time.

The couple was still trying to get away, so they turned onto east Plymouth. The driver continued to follow them and eventually pushed their car into an embankment by a cemetery. 

Shank said that she suffered neck and back pain and was hyperventilating at this point.

"I blacked out screaming," she said.

The man slammed into a telephone pole in the area and got stuck.

"My boyfriend grabbed the phone to call 911 and saw the truck coming toward us," Shank said. "He told me to get out of the car and we ran to back house for safety, he drove by."

Shank told Eyewitness News that she feels that she "dodged death" and cannot sleep and has blurred vision from the incident.

She said she is hoping that someone recognizes the truck.

Police said the incident remains under investigation.

Residents told Eyewitness News that they've seen the man driving erratically in a truck that matches the description by Shank around town.

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