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Kittens abandoned in sealed plastic bag rescued in Vancouver


A Vancouver woman walking her dog near Vancouver Lake heard the high-pitched sound of meowing kittens.

She followed the source of the sounds and was horrified by what she discovered.

Four black kittens were inside a small sealed plastic bag. The bag was tangled up in a bush.

The kittens were so tiny, they couldn't even lift their heads. Their eyes were closed and they were still wet, likely from birth.

"I think they were tossed from the car and they went down through the center and the bush caught them, so they didn't hit the ground," said Christy Jarvis. "If they had hit the ground, they probably would have snapped their little necks and died."

Jarvis and her boyfriend walked around the thicket of tall grass to find the kittens. It was in the same area where their car was parked, but they didn't hear the cries of the kittens when they started their walk just 20 minutes earlier.

Jarvis is certain they would have suffocated if they had been trapped much longer.

"I don't know how someone could actually think of putting kittens in a bag," she said. "You know, where's the momma cat? The momma cat is probably terrified."

Jarvis took the kittens to Banfield Pet Hospital. Veterinarians believe they are only 4 or 5 days old.

"We were just fortunate in this case someone intervened and brought them to us in time that we were able to help," said Brad Goff, chief of staff at Banfield Pet Hospital in Vancouver.

Goff said the kittens, two males and two females, appear to be happy, healthy and hungry. Workers are keeping the kittens warm and feeding them every couple of hours.

They will soon be turned over to the county, and Goff estimated they could be available for adoption in six to eight weeks.

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