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Now You See It: High school senior asks model Kate Upton to prom

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Life is all about going out on a limb and taking chances and a Los Angeles teenager took a leap of faith when he uploaded a video to YouTube on Saturday. 

In the video, high school senior Jake Davidson created a video invitation to ask model and actress Kate Upton to be his date to his senior prom

In the humorous digital short, Davidson tells Upton that she is the "yin to his yang" adding that he is "Jewish and 5'9" on a good day" and unable to dance while she is "Christian and 5'10" and should have won an Oscar for a video of her dancing.

While the video may be corny, you can't fault a guy for trying. Davidson just had the courage to put what high school males across the country are thinking into video form - for the whole world to see online. The video has over 130,000 views as of Wednesday morning.

As for Upton? She saw the video, too. She responded on Tuesday evening, tweeting "@JakeDavidson23: you can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule ;)"

On a mobile device? Copy this URL into your browser to see the video:

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