Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches -03/21/13

Ocean Buffet at 3613 North Street: 25 demerits for fish stored on floor, improper handling of ready to eat foods, cooked chicken near raw chicken - possible cross contamination, antibiotics stored improperly, cooks and buffet attendants several thermometers, food contact surfaces not clean, sanitary and in good repair, dirty floors, hole in wall, damage to tiles on food prep floors, correct and chain bottles, and no hair restraints.

Baymont Seafood at 3227 South Street: 20 demerits for uncovered foods kept on cooler and freezer floors, no date marking, utensils in hand wash sink, dead bugs that needed to be swept up and removed, all exits and entries not waterproof, improperly calibrated thermometer, improperly working bathroom traps, and shield guards for lights.

Pueblo Viejo at 2500 South Street: 15 demerits for employee drinks without lids or straws in food prep area, expired food products, utensils and debris in hand wash sink, all entries and exits need to be waterproof, and water-damaged ceiling tiles.

Appleby Sand Road Depot at 3023 Appleby Sand Road: 10 demerits for no backflow preventer for hose bib, items in hand wash sink, no thermometer for sandwich cooler, and water-damaged ceiling tiles.

Bullritos at 1220 North Street, Suite #B: 7 demerits for one dented can, one spatula and ice scoop in icemaker need to be replaced, back door area not clear of debris and produce, and sign permit needed for banner.

Papa Murphy's at 4909 North Suite, #207: 7 demerits for a dented can of artichokes and an improperly cleaned spatula.

Pizza Hut Delivery - University Drive: 3102 at North University Drive: 7 demerits for employee drinks without lids or straws in food prep area, improperly cleaned spatulas, unclean knife holder, and dirty vents.

Long John Silver's at 1505 North Street: 6 demerits for uncapped cleaning solution, spatula needed to be replaced, water-damaged ceiling tiles, missing or damaged floor tiles need to be replaced.

Clear Springs Restaurant at 211 Old Tyler Road: 4 demerits for back flow preventer for outside hose and bib near ramp.

Nacburger at 3205 North University Drive, Suite #0: 3 demerits for damaged utensil, non-waterproof back door, and missing or damaged shield guards.

Nick's Food Mart at 4519 Appleby Sand Road: 3 demerits for soap not provided in hand wash sink in bathroom.

Smoothie King at 247 North Street: 3 demerits for one spray bottle not labeled property.

Walmart Deli at 4810 North Street: 3 demerits for thermometers not visible.

Pepper Jacks at 1505 North Street: 3 demerits for improperly labeled spray bottle and hole above three-compartment sink.

Subway - North University Drive at 933 North University Drive: 0 demerits - 100 percent compliant.

Shelley's Bakery Cafe at 112 North Church: 0 demerits - 100 percent compliant.