Martinsville duo in national TV fish noodling competition

(Source: Animal Planet)
(Source: Animal Planet)
(Source: Animal Planet)
(Source: Animal Planet)
(Source: Animal Planet)
(Source: Animal Planet)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A pair of brothers from Martinsville has advanced to the semifinals on Animal Planet's "Catfishin' Kings." Team Texas, Ronald and Greg Murdock, beat Team Arkansas' weight total by less than 10 pounds in four heats on Monday night's episode.

"Now, it's put-up or go home for these two," the show's Facebook page stated. "Will Team MS rely on 'the Master' to point out a big fish. Will Team TX stick with the tried and true formula to outflank the trio?"

Both Ronald and Greg have lived in the Pineywoods their entire lives, and the exposure from the show is something they are getting used to.

"We're kind of country boys," Ronald said. "We always keep to ourselves, and all of the sudden, we're not to ourselves any more."

Greg added that very few people in East Texas can say that they've had the opportunity to be on national television. Ronald's son, Camo, said the fact that his dad and his uncle are on TV is "pretty awesome."

The show takes teams from eight states and puts them in a single-elimination tournament. The "good old Texas boys from Martinsville" learned some things along the way to the show's semifinals.

"We've met some great folks from different states," Roland said. "We grew up being competitors in sports and in everything that we did and just knowing that we can compete against anybody in anything we do."

Now, the East Texas "noodlers" will face Team Mississippi. Each team will hand-fish for catfish in a 37,000-acre lake here in Texas. The winner of that competition will move on to the show's final round. Last year, noodling was made legal in the state of Texas.

"Growing up, we coon hunted and caught coons with our bare hands and started hog hunting and caught them with our bare hands," Greg said.

Everywhere the Murdoch brothers go, they are greeted with one question: "Who won?"

"Yeah, everybody wants to know who won, but you have to watch the last episode to find out," Greg said.

After Monday's final round, these two country boys may just be kings.

During Monday night's episode, Team Mississippi just barely beat Team Alabama's in the quarterfinal round by 6 pounds. According to the show's Facebook page, Team Mississippi pulled off the win by grabbing a huge catfish the show's producers called "Moby Dick."

The other two teams in the semifinals are Team Louisiana and Team Tennessee.

To see if the Murdock brothers make it to the finals, tune into Animal Planet at 8 p.m. Monday, March for the semifinals. The final round of "Catfishin' Kings" will air at 9 p.m. Monday.

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