Residents Angry Over Road Conditions

"They're so bad that the school bus is not allowed to come out here any more. This has been a school bus route for 29 years," said Patricia Hutto, a local resident.

Patricia is mad because of the conditions of the roads in her neighborhood. She says she has asked the county road commissioner, Buddy Purvis to come out and look at them, but she says he refuses, saying they are not county roads and he can't fix them, but Hutto says that's not so.

"911 listing says they are true county roads. We pay our taxes like everyone else does, just like he does, and we should have at least as good of a road as he does," said Hutto.

The East Texas News looked into it and found out that while some are private roads, many of the roads in the community are county roads. Members of the community say school buses don't run here anymore because the roads tear the buses up, and they say it makes over 100 children in the area walk almost a mile to the closest bus stop. The problems don't stop there, when a resident's wife had a heart attack, even the ambulance had problems with the roads.

"The ambulance couldn't come in, the sheriff department doesn't come in because of the roads. That's how bad it is. She had a heart attack and the ambulance got stuck. We had to push it out with another vehicle to get it out of the road," said Enrique Rcarce, who is the LULAC president and also a resident.

So why aren't they being fixed? Well, the residents say it all has to do with politics, and the fact that several members of the community banded together and didn't vote for him in the last election.

"After the election he definitely told me that he was never going to come in here and take care of the roads. He told me that specifically that he would never come in here and take care of these roads," said Rcarce.

The residents say Purvis used to own property in the area, and before he sold it he took care of the roads. Hutto says one of the roads in the community, Purvis Boulevard, is always maintained, but residents say that's only because he has a hunting lease on the end of it.