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Online petition started for 'Travis Alexander's Law'


Throughout Jodi Arias' murder trial, we've heard some pretty outlandish things. Some of the most shocking testimony may be the accusations that the victim, Travis Alexander, watched child porn. But there's a new push online to ban testimony without evidence.

A woman who does not live in Arizona created an online petition hoping to create a law banning unsubstantiated claims about a murder victim. While she already collected 2,000 signatures, she's also gotten death threats.

"To go on in the trial and to basically murder him all over again with a bunch of obvious lies, it's just, it's so hard for me to take," said Christi, who asked we not use her last name for her safety. Christi did not know Alexander personally, but has been captivated by the trial.

"She's able to say any and everything she wants, just to benefit herself and to try to, you know, taint him in the eyes of the jury, and it just needs to stop," Christi said.

Christi is, of course, talking about Arias, who claims she killed ex-boyfriend Alexander in self-defense. During her testimony, Arias claimed she walked in on Alexander watching child porn and that Alexander asked her to wear boy's underwear, but didn't offer proof.

Christi started an online petition, demanding a law banning what she calls unsubstantiated claims against a murder victim.

"I don't think a change like this could be made overnight, in a year, even in five years, but you have to start somewhere," Christi said.

"To say that she couldn't testify unless she could corroborate or confirm that with some evidence, would not pass constitutional muster," said Phoenix School of Law professor Dave Cole. He said this wouldn't fly, because Arias' testimony is the evidence. And if the prosecutor wants to poke holes, that's what cross-examination is for.

"Of course the prosecutor is going to try to show, 'Well, you're making this up, you didn't really see it. Well, you don't have any independent proof do you?' And of course, she has to say, 'no.'"

Cole also said judges are very careful not to allow a defendant to needlessly besmirch a victim's character, but that if the judge feels it may be relevant at all to the case, it's usually allowed.

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    Jodi Ann Arias stands accused of shooting, stabbing and slitting the throat of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008.More >>
    Jodi Ann Arias stands accused of shooting, stabbing and slitting the throat of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June 2008.More >>
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