Nacogdoches Memorial employees honor former CEO’s legacy with healthy living

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday morning Nacogdoches MemorialHospital employees and members of the community started their day off with arun, remembering the life of a leader devoted to the community's health.

Hospital CEO Tim Hayward died in Januaryand hospital officials say the Memorial 5k is way to honor his legacy.

"We're doing this in his memorybecause he was committed to wellness for our hospital and for our communitythat we would embrace healthy lifestyles," said Kinnie Douglas, ProgramCoordinator, Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital.

At the beginning of the New Yearhospital employees began a couch to 5k training program to get them ready forthe run.

Program coordinator Kinnie Douglassays Hayward would be excited and motivated to see the staff setting an exampleof healthy living.

"At any level you could start andwhether you walk it or run it, it's just a good way to get that physicalactivity in," said Douglas.

Medical Staff Service Manager LachandaMaxie says they are celebrating a life and motivating each other in theprocess.

"I normally don't get up thisearly so to be out here is a testament to what Tim meant to me because he was avery great leader and a great motivator," said Maxie.

This is the first year for the run and Douglassays it's their way of taking everything they've learned from Hayward andeducating the community.

"He was a person that instilled good moralsand beliefs for our people," said Douglas.

And those are the qualities the hospital staffis committed to continue to ensure Hayward's legacy lives on.

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